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TTO Tray V2

Pros and Cons

  • Pros:

  • The tray could now hold 11 cubes

  • The cubes stayed on the tray and did not fall out

  • When the tray was fully folded it fit under the 18-inch limit

  • The cubes went up the tray smoothly

  • The tray does not sway when maneuvering through the field.

  • Cons:

  • The tray had 4 stages and sometimes did not open all the way

  • Sometimes the cubes got stuck near the intake on the tray

Glam robot.jpeg

Why did we decide to change from the first version?

We decided to change from the first version to the second version because the first version was not very efficient. The first version of the tray could only hold 8 cubes and we decided we wanted to increase the numbers of cubes stacked to get higher points. The cubes sometimes fell off the first tray so we made the tray sturdier and made the side supports come closer together. The last stage on the first version was very wobbly and we could not stack cubes properly so we added more rubber bands on the last stage and made the stopper stronger.

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