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Tipping Point Lift V2

Pros and Cons

  • Pros:

  • The grabber has a 3:1 torque ratio to hold onto the mobile goals with more power

  • We plan on using 1, 100 rpm motors with a torque ratio of 16:3 to provide max power

  • Thicker axles on the lift will prevent them from twisting due to high loads

  • Both sides of the lift will be connected to each other with c-channels and axles to provide stability

  • The passive grabber can efficiently loft and drop mobile goal

  • Rubber Bands that will be added on the lift, will provide additional power for the lift to lift the mobile goals

  • Cons:

  • Sometimes the ball would get stuck and the motor would not have enough power to push the ball up due to the high speed ratio.

  • The chain would come out sometimes 

  • From the previous design, we added high strength axles, shifted a motor from the lift to the grabber, and added rubberbands to assist the motor

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