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Pros and Cons

Tipping Point Drivetrain V3


  • In this design, only 4 motors were used to power both the power arm and the drivetrain making the motor output most efficient. 

  • We used 4, 200 rpm motors to provide speed and torque at the same time 

  • We added Optical Shaft Quadrature Encoders to our drivetrain in order to find the accurate rotations of our wheels which can be used for autonomous

  • We have a 6 wheel drivetrain to ensure a balanced load on the drivetrain.

  • Omni wheels are used to make turns more accurate and smoother while providing enough traction



From the previous design, we added two more motors for more power, added two more wheels for stability, and replaced all wheels to Omni wheels for better traction on the platform

  • Having 4 motors meant that only 4 motors can be used for other components 

  • The rings may get stuck on the wheels so additional blockers may be needed

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