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Pros and Cons

Tipping Point Drivetrain V2


  • In this design, only 2 motors are used to power the drivetrain so that 6 motors can be used for other components

  • We used 2, 200 rpm motors to provide some speed and torque

  • Traction wheels are used so the robot can have enough traction to climb the platform

  • We plan added Optical Shaft Quadrature Encoders to our drivetrain in order to find the accurate rotations of our wheels which can be used for autonomous

DT-2 (2021-2022 v1.png

Since the differentiable drivetrain took up a lot of space, we decided to go with a more simple design which used two motors


  • Since only 2 motors will be used for the drivetrain, the robot may not have enough speed and/or torque

  • The motors may overheat easily since only 2 motors are moving the robot. 

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