TTO Power Arm V2

Pros and Cons

  • Pros:

  • The tray power unit uses one torque 100 rpm motor to push the tray forward. 

  • The tray power unit has additional gear support and a high strength axle added to prevent the axle from bending

  • The tray power unit is also mounted higher so that it would require less power to push the tray forward with the load. 

  • The tray power unit has its own stopper which helps stack cubes at the right spot for autonomous so that the tray does not push the cubes too forward

  • Cons:

One motor lift.jpeg
  • Sometimes the motor loses its power for a few minutes due to over stress on the motors

  • The tray power unit is very jerky when the tray goes up and the cubes fall out

Why did we decide to change from the first version?

We decided to change from the first version to the second version because the first tray power unit used too many motors. We needed an extra motor on the lift and decided that we did not need two motors to control the tray power unit. We also needed to raise the whole tray power unit because if the power unit is mounted higher the force needed to push the tray forward will decrease and we can use one motor. Since the axle was bending often, we decided to use a high strength axle and added additional gear support so that the axle does not bend. Since the tray power unit was very jerky, we coded the tray power unit motor to slow down as the tray reaches 90 degrees.