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TTO Power Arm V1 

Pros and Cons

  • Pros:

  • The tray power unit uses two torque 100 rpm motor to push the tray forward. 

  • The tray power unit has a 7:1 gear ratio which greatly helps the motors push the load of cubes and tray.

  • The tray power unit is compact so it can easily fit in between the two lifts.

  • The anti tipping mechanism is also connected to the tray power unit so that when the tray power unit extends forward, the rope pulls the anti tipping mechanism stoppers to release the anti tipping mechanism

Tower takeover robot backview.jpeg
  • Cons:

  • Sometimes the axle on the power arm unit bent and we had to replace it often

  • The power arm unit used an extra motor for more power.

  • The power arm unit has a lot of jerky motion

  • Since the tray power unit is mounted low, the motors would require more power to tilt the tray to 90 degrees.

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